Sunday, 28 July 2013

I did a sticker

I did. There's some other stuff as well but I can't really show you yet. Until then, here's the sticker I did for From The Kites Of San Quentin.

Here's a picture of the real thing on Phil's leg (I know, nice cords). More pink than I expected it to be but that's OK.

See you again. Same bat time, same bat place.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Alright mates, here's the latest

OK so first things first, this blog post has a soundtrack. Not an especially good one, I'll be the first to admit, but this is some old stuff I found on a hard drive which is quite different to the sort of thing I make now but doesn't deserve to be destined to be forgotten on a bookshelf somewhere in Chorlton. The first few tracks are from a brief period where I was really into the idea of making something using just samples that sounded like a live band, complete with tuning up and horrible feedback solos and stuff. After that I started experimenting a bit more, and the more Autoflag sound starts coming together, and then there's Police Academy Police Academy, which is arguably both the best and worst thing I've ever made. It was put together from some stolen audio that a couple of my housemates recorded at university. It's almost free jazz, but also completely not of course. Don't miss the dramatic ending, it's bloody heartbreaking.

I hope that worked, I can't tell as my browser is old and rubbish and unsupported by Soundcloud nowadays, oh dear. Anyway, back to more important matters.

Kites are releasing an EP of course, it's called 7.83 Hz: Earth Chorus and I've heard it and it's dead good. They're running a competition where you can win two copies of the EP/DVD, a hotel room and two guestlist spots for a Victoria Warehouse Records event, and, most excitingly, two tickets to see the band at Soundwave Festival in Croatia. OMG. All you have to do is like and share the thing I made on Facebook. This is it underneath, but you need to click on these words to see the thing properly OK.

Also, This City Is Ours and Mind On Fire are putting on another gig. This one's for Flako at Islington Mill on the 12th of July. The artwork is stolen from the new Flako EP, I think it's pretty great.

In other, slightly less immediate news, the poster and sticker things I've done for the aforementioned Kites EP have been done so I'll post them once the band have decided it's time for them to be shown off. Fair's fair. I've also been asked to design some greetings cards for a new company which is pretty cool and not really something that I've done before so that should be fun.

In a bit.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I am so crap at this

I'm sorry, I know every time I say I WILL UPDATE MORE OFTEN and then just don't but you're just going to have to stop relying on me updating aren't you?

What have I done since last time? Well there was the March This City Is Ours, which looked like this:

This City Is Ours and Mind On Fire put on Paul White at Kraak. I did two posters for this, one with loads of words on and a more practical, streamlined version. I don't know who did the picture of the little fella, sorry, I believe it's from one of Paul White's records though.

And then the April This City Is Ours, which served as the album launch for Cogi's Time O'Clock, which is a dead good record, kind of ambient electronica but not totally, and you can get it by clicking on these words here. The artwork here is from the Cogi album sleeve, it's by Paul Hallows who is dead good.

In the meantime I've been doing some stuff for the next Kites EP (a sticker and a poster) and I'll upload those here as soon as they're finished and stuff. That's it for now. See, it hasn't even taken me long to do this, I don't know why I don't bother. OH WELL

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Early spring clean

Yeah, hi, sorry.

Erm, I've not posted since October. There's really no reason for that, other than becoming a bit disillusioned with blogging. I don't really have a better way of keeping a record of what's going on though, and I have been busy, not so much with new stuff but exciting things happening nonetheless.

The Sketchbook Project thing in London was a lovely little setup, like a library within a library. When I got there I couldn't check my sketchbook out immediately as someone else already had it, which was a pleasant surprise. Here I am when I finally found it anyway:

Ridiculous amount of hair and beard. I found Bambi's as well, it looked like this:

I can't believe my last post was looking forward to the Carefully Planned festival, it seems like ages ago now. Well, it was ages ago... Anyway, the exhibition that Amy and I organised as part of it was a great success as was the entire festival. Here's some pictures from that then.

Great weekend. Looks like I needed a haircut then as well, scruffy git. Coming into this year now (happy new year!!), we went to see the David Shrigley exhibition at the Cornerhouse. I loved it, obviously, what with being a superfan and all. 

Not sure why I look so frightened in that last one, to be perfectly honest. After that, it was the Skyliner Streetview exhibition which has been a long time coming but completely worth the wait. It was packed out, really busy and really impressive in terms of the number of submissions and the quality. Hayley did a cracking job, she can be really proud of herself. I know she's got a couple of ideas for events later in the year which are very much in the early stages yet but sound very exciting.

Most of these photos have been craftily stolen from Kelly's Instagram account, by the way. I should credit her, so consider this a credit. That reminds me, now I've got a phone that's not a complete shed I've got an Instagram account as well. Naturally my username is DeadPheasant so chuck us a follow will yer? Cheers.

OK, what else? The poster thing I did for This City Is Ours has been updated to include their new residents and the Wahlbar logo and I've done another couple of posters for them as well. Unfortunately these events have been and gone by now of course, but here they are anyway. I think the latest one is my favourite so far actually.

Last but by no means least, this past week has been the most successful for me music-wise everrrr. I've done a remix of 200x by Johnny Foreigner which I can't share yet but Junior from the band emailed me to say he was "tripping out" listening to it. It's a seven minute psychadelic thing and I'm pretty pleased with it so hopefully they'll like it enough to include it in the batch of remixes they're putting together of Johnny Foreigner vs Everything for release very soon. Exciting stuff. ALSO one of my tunes Frankenstein's Monster Destroys Wigan Pier has been featured on the second monthly edition of Drowned in Sound Community Podcast Radio which you can listen to right here:

To be honest you should listen to the previous one as well because the standard is very high and I'm really pleased to have been featured alongside such good stuff. All my tracks are still available to download for free from my Soundcloud account still but I have to warn you, Superman vs Freddie Mercury is nearly at its download limit so if you want it, get it now. Although I'll probably just re-up it when it does anyway.

Right, anyway, I think that's everything. Now I've got all this out of the way I'm going to get back into doing this on a regular basis again. Promise.