Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Everything Ever

Dead Pheasant then, eh? This was a big idea that we had at the end of uni and uploaded some things to MySpace back when people used to go on there... However, we moved in as everyone was moving out. You might say we killed MySpace. Less formal than a studio, less pretentious than a collective, we are just people who make things and want to share them with the world. And between us we can't remember the login for that page any more either.

This is the first post on this shiny new Dead Pheasant blog, and it is the end of a project I (Andy Vine, hi) have been working on for about six months now. If you want to see the build up to it, click on these words right here for the saga, but here is the final piece for Everything Ever:

Someone at work suggested the other day that I might not have drawn a picture of everything ever. He was wrong though, I've checked.

More stuff from everyone else soon, but at least now we've made a start, eh?


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  2. ..the above was one big error, from start to finish.
    What it said was.....

    Dead Pheasant is not a pleasant name, but I like it!

    And, I still need a big copy of Everything Ever, please.

  3. Thank you muchly Miss Crossley. We came up with it when we saw a pheasant that was dead in a skip. We didn't kill it, it was a taxidermy thing that had purple paint spilt (spilled?) on it. Picture's at the top, obvs. Do you want the whole thing or just the gramophone? I've not even got a print myself yet mind you.