Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Zephyrbaby's new work

Hello thought I would get this ball rolling and start to post some art work up. All this work is recent stuff that I have done in the last month or two. I try and not limit myself to one format so there's some digital work here and some fine art stuff too. Just a side note on the pieces done on brown paper, they range from 4ft-6ft. They're drawn and painted on massive pieces of paper that I found at work. For my digital work I normally use photoshop or Brushes on my Ipad.

Hopefully I'll post new work up and images of my travels to various art parties and shows that I go to monthly. In the mean time check out my portfolios...

www.JonathanRobertson.jotta.com and www.jrobbo.deviantart.com

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