Sunday, 16 August 2015

I've been doing a lot of music writing recently

but I haven't been writing about it here. Mainly for Silent Radio and God is in the TV. The first one was published on the occasion of my 29th birthday, which feels like (is) a long time ago now, but what can you do? You can click on the links to read them all, that's what you can do.

Paws: Youth Culture Forever

Baby Brave: King Horse EP

Sex Hands: Pleh

Dry The River, Manchester Academy 2 04/10/2014

Trojan Horse: World Turned Upside Down

Pulled Apart By Horses, Gorilla Manchester 21/11/2014

Los Campesinos, Sound Control Manchester 04/12/2014

Vessels, Soup Kitchen Manchester 16/03/2015

Pins: Wild Nights

Tramlines festival 2015 preview

Tramlines festival 2015 review

Stealing Sheep, the Oust House Manchester 05/08/2015

Have a click through. If for some ridiculous reason you've only got time to read three of them, the best bits are to be found in the PABH, Vessels and Tramlines reviews. But you should really read them all, obviously.