Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tungsten in LDN

Let me set a little scene here. I have just spent nearly 3 hours assembling my brand new bed. On my own. With no power tools. I am aching. I am tired. I feel accomplished. Now it's finally assembled and I've got covers on I've allowed myself a little time with my laptop. Naturally the first thing to do is check out my CD from the LomoLab. And now I am grinning away. My aches and pains are magically gone because nothing cheers me more than seeing that my photos have come out alright. In fact not just alright. I'm going to go ahead and say these are possibly my new favourite roll of shots I've ever taken.

I won't delay any longer. Just look at them.


I bought some of the Lomography X Tungsten 64 ages ago and had been saving it. Now it's out of production it seems extra important not to waste the rolls. This is the first of the 3 pack I bought. And I think it's simply brilliant. I'm so happy with how the shots came out. I was using the LC-A+ with the ISO set to 100 as that's the lowest it'll go. Those famed Tungsten tones have come out pretty beautifully if I say so myself. All round I'm mega pleased that I used my first roll of Tungsten in London. Totally worth the wait.

The full album is here is you wanna nosey.

What do you guys think?

Laters, P x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Next Saturday, you need to be free

Reeto, I think I've just got a pair of This City Is Ours flyers for you this time. First and foremost, this is the next one. It's really important you come because Kites, Vei and Borland are all playing actual live sets (omg) and they are all brilliant and you'll be so close you'll probably be able to play with Luke's pedal board (but you shouldn't because that's quite rude and will spoil it for everyone).

This is the flyer for last month's, it was great. We went there after going to a house party and we did some dancing.

Both of these are based around this photo that Kelly took of Manchester. I think it's amazing.

So yeah, see you on Saturday? Nice one.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

From Pet Shops to Porn

Last month Andy Vine and I put our creative minds together and submitted a photograph for an exhibition at Cord called From Pet Shops to Porn. Whilst we submitted and subsequently exhibited just the one photograph we did actually shoot a few which we plan to make into a zine eventually. In the meantime though here's the complete series.

^^ The exhibition shot ^^

The general idea behind the exhibition was to represent the change of a particular area in Manchester from a place full of pet shops to a place of sex shops. Between us we had a few ideas and were originally going to submit separately. But as discussions went on I came up with an idea that would require Andy's help so we decided to collaborate. See all the cards in the shots? They're all Andy's work. Clever chap. I just took the shots then edited them afterwards.

If I'd known we could have submitted more than one shot then I would have liked to have gotten a few up in the exhibition. Can't say I was too pleased with how the exhibition itself was handled. We were told pretty last minute that we'd been accepted so didn't have long to get a print done. Not to mention that they put our rather dark piece in the darkest corner. But still, an exhibition is an exhibition and it's the first one I've been involved with which is something in itself. Here we are with our shot at the exhibition.

So there we have it. A rare bit of digital project work from myself and Andy Vine. My first ever exhibited piece. Here's hoping this is the beginning of great things to come.

As always any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.


P x

Saturday, 4 August 2012



I told Andy Vine I would do a brief introduction before posting anything more so here it is.

I'm Kelly Ward however I blog as Panda. Newest member of Dead Pheasant I guess? I've mostly been roped in by Andy. This is me if you should be interested. Blurry as usual.

I do photography I suppose. Pure amateur. It began as a kid and has been on/off ever since. Re-discovered it at 17 though at that time it was what I did to capture the life I was living. Couple years of go I finally found it within myself to try studying it properly. That didn't quite work out as planned. I hope to return to studying it at some point but for now I make do with just enjoying shooting. Mostly I just shoot whatever takes my fancy. There's projects in the pipeline though and distant dreams.

I've been known to shoot digitally though my real love is for my analogue photography. I use various cameras and film. Here's some of my personal favourites.

From my Diana F+

From my LC-A+

From my Olympus OM-10

From my Pentax K1000

So there you have a small selection of my many photographs. I hope you like them. I hope you'll enjoy the stuff I'll be posting in future as well. If you want you can also follow my main blog, a Panda with a Camera, where I'll post not just my photos but all kinds of other stuffs.


P x