Monday, 14 November 2011

How to make a kite

Last time I mentioned (albeit briefly) that I was making some kites for the launch of From The Kites Of San Quentin's debut EP Mitochondria (which is out now as a pay-what-you-like download from their very own This City Is Ours Records). I sold one on the night and Kites are yet to decide which one they want but I still have two left as well, so if you want one drop me an email at To say I was expecting not to sell any I consider that quite a result! Credit where it's due, I mostly used the directions on the website on the other end of this link, but some of their instructions were a bit ambiguous. So without further ado, here is the definitive guide to making your very own Dead Pheasant Kites kites.

You will need a plain shower curtain from Ikea, a packet of bamboo skewers, a ball of string, some sellotape, some parcel tape, some hazard tape, a permanent marker pen, a pencil, a pair of scissors, some all purpose or wood glue, a craft knife, a ruler and a cutting mat. And a cup of tea, naturally.

Excuse the slightly crappy photos here, the flash from my phone reflected off the steel ruler and my phone FREAKED OUT. What they are trying to illustrate is that you will need one skewer at 14.5cm, three skewers at 29cm and four at 4.4cm.

Glue the skewers together like so, with the shorter skewers either side of the longer ones for strength. Rip up a bit of a packet of blue tack so you don't get shouted at for getting glue all over the window sill.

The next bit is quite fiddly so the easiest way to go about it is by making a template first. This should be half the size of your kite's sail, in this case the vertical edge is 43.5 cm, the width is 29cm and the distance from the bottom to the point is 29 cm as well. That wasn't especially well explained, I'd draw a diagram but there's one right here which is great.

Lay it down on the shower curtain, which is of course folded in half along the vertical line, and draw around it. Might as well trim the shower curtain down as well, it's pretty unmanagable otherwise.

Once you've done that, cut it out with the craft knife and ruler. Looking good.

You'll probably need another cup of tea at this point.

Draw whatever you want on both sides of the kite now with permanent marker.

Go all the way around the edge of the kite with sellotape and fold it over to strengthen the edges.

Lay the horizontal spar onto the kites first and attach to the corners of the kite with parcel tape. Lay the vertical spar on top (short end at the top, obviously) and attach in the same way. Then glue the two spars together where they overlap.

Cut a length of string 175cm. Tie a loop knot in one end. Poke a couple of holes in the parcel taped corner either side of the spar and thread the knotted end of the string through. Then feed the other end of the string through the loop and pull it tight.

Do the same for the other end of the horizontal spar and tie it off. I used a slip knot for this end. This is now the bridle line.

This is probably the fiddliest part. To make the flying line you need a length of string 15cm long. Tie a small loop knot in one end. Then find the middle of the bridle line and tie the flying line with a prusik knot. If you want. It was so fiddly that I did this for the first couple and then sacked it off for a normal granny knot so you know, do what you want. As long as it's in the middle I don't think it matters that much. Then tie some hazard tape to the bottom of the vertical spar for a tail and about 20ft of string to the loop knot on the flying line. You're a winner. Here are the finished articles, all numbered one to four on the back.

One of four, mixing desk. This one now belongs to one of the guys from Capac, who were supporting on the night.

Two of four, pedal board.

Three of four, Ableton.

Four of four, Moog.

It was an excellent night anyway. I believe there's some video footage knocking about, if I see any online I'll link to it here because the projections they had going on were incredible. Phil mentioned to me that they had some plans for the Sounds From The Other City festival next summer as well so keep your ear to the ground. Go and download the EP and if you want one of these things, let me know.

OH, almost forgot. The Vaporous Light album is out now on Akoustik Anarkhy. Go and get it, it's great.

Be safe x

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Vaporous Light update from Andy V

Now then now then.

Since last time, Vaporous Light have released their second single,  Charming News / Lansdowne House. You can get for a mere pound (A POUND!) from their Bandcamp page which you can get to by clicking on that link up there ^. I've done the sleeve for this using a detail from the same artwork as the sleeve for The Eyes Of A Fool (and, incidentally, the CD for the album, but more on that in a second). Anyway, it's out on Akoustik Anarkhy as ever and it looks like this.

OK, so, the main news is this. I've also done the sleeve design for the eponymous album. Oh yeah. The band already had the artwork ready, it's by the same artist (Anna Garton) as the singles, so I had the job of putting it all together. It was a lot of hard work but I reckon it's paid off and I hope you'll agree. The band were a great help with plenty of input and we've just had it back from the printer! Hooray. Here it is.

Aaaaand here's a picture of it on Lego's turntable.

Ace in yer face. I'll take some more pics soon enough, it's a beautiful gatefold digipack CD that needs showing off. More importantly, I've just listened to it and it's a great album. Not sure when it comes out yet but as soon as I find out I'll update here.

In the meantime I've uploaded another couple of tracks to Soundcloud. First off is a new one. If you like the sound of drums and the moon, this is for you.

A College Noted For Knowledge by Autoflag

I've also re-uploaded an older track, Frankenstein's Monster Destroys Wigan Pier. This had looooads of plays, but for some reason it sounded like one second of glitch, so obviously it had been people playing it and then playing it again coz it didn't work. Anyway, it's best listened to immediately after Frankenstein Creates His Monster. Like this, yeah:

Frankenstein Creates His Monster by Autoflag

Frankenstein's Monster Destroys Wigan Pier by Autoflag

I'm off to This City Is Ours' second birthday party tonight at Centro dressed as a ghost (Hallowe'en innit) so see you there. After that I need to crack on with making some kites for the From The Kites Of San Quentin EP launch next month. You'd better be at that one, it's going to blow your tiny minds.

In a bit yo.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New stuff from Andy V, plus other new stuff from other people.

Stuff by Andy V. There's quite a bit of writing about it all here, he'd really quite appreciate it if you read it. Cheers, yeah?

As you should be aware if you've been paying attention (that means you at the back; would you like to share it with the class?) we've been doing the posters for the bloody lovely This City Is Ours for a bit now. Here is the latest which takes place this Saturday and has been made by Lino. Andy V was going to go down, but he's going out in Warrington dressed as if he's in Hawaii. If you're unfamiliar with Warrington's climate, it is very much dissimilar to that of Hawaii. Should be fun though, he's hoping that Mr Phil's Golden Shower will be ready by then.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Alright Dead Phezzers! Thought I'd kick off this Logo shizzle! Not enitrely sure how i feel about this yet, the design OR the colours, but i wanted to get it down on paper....... well, digital paper atleast!

Monday, 1 August 2011

This City Is Ours #9

If you live in Manchester I think they've said it's illegal to NOT go to this! You better get on it...... like a....errr...... car bonnet.....

Friday, 15 July 2011

Old piece I did for a mates side project! Shame it didnt take off..... well i'm assuming it didnt take off! As it was an awesome concept! This was actually in the brief period where i was using Flash as a makeshift Photoshop! Alternative, I know. get me.
Honestly people. She's a Biter! xxx
Being the charming, talented human being I am, I make my own personal cards for the Mrs. For most occasions! This one's pretty self explanitory! All I can say is she's mad for that penguin game on the wii fit. xxx
A BIIIIIIG family portrait I designed for mothers day? maybe? Fancied playing around with a new style of brush template! came out well I feel! I even framed it for her and everything..... then I broke it by throwing my brother around...... bugger.
Design I gave to my old man on Fathers Day. He's a machine when it comes to xbox'ing. He loves it, like a tramp loves leftovers! ..... but he's not a tramp..... and he only eats leftovers from the fridge!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bonjour. Guten tag. Konichi-waa. How'do!!

Stop EVERYTHING your doing. Remember EXACTLY where you are and what you're doing RIGHT NOW!! Why? because this is a day that will go down in history. Today, I finally did what Andy Vine told me to do a looooooong time ago!!

Incase your wondering why i left it so long, it's probably because you just wernt ready yet....... but guess what? If you bribe me with food, i'll pretty much tell you anything.

ok, so thats me..... well it was in 2009! Thats alittle dated now ( i just wanted to post it because i like it!) Since i was a wee-nipper i loved to draw! and i loved music! ....shame i started with the recorder.... but i made it to the guitar eventually!! I went to uni in north wales and got myself a BA HONS degree in animation! but better than that i met some awesome folk, who are still burdoned with my friendship! As well as the animation, i'd class myself as an illustrator! Ive been doing it for longer and i enjoy it more! anything from doodles to company logo's!

Thats probably enough dribble from me for now! I'm guna be posting on this blog like a beast from now on, so you'll get to see the rest of my work in good time! And if i havn't put you off, stick with Dead Phezz. We'd be good for you. Like jelly and ice-cream.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

This City Is Ours

So, yes, right. Check me out with an update within a reasonable time of the last one. Got Photoshop back again, haven't I? (I have.)
I've done a flyer for my mate Phil's clubnight, This City Is Ours. As you can see, it's from 7-12 at An Outlet in Manchester on the 14th of May, next Saturday. See you there? Yes. I've also been trying to remix his band From The Kites Of San Quentin's tune Stoopid!. It's sounding pretty OK so far, I'll post it here when I'm done. I don't expect it to be a winner, but it's alright. Incidentally we (Dead Pheasant that is) may be doing something a bit exciting with Kites but I don't want to go into too much detail in case I jinx it. Stay tuned.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Andy Vine has some things to share.

A label for Mr Phil's Dutch Rudder. I did this quite a while ago now but have only just realised I haven't posted it here so, ta-dah! Dutch Rudder is much nicer than Wizard's Sleeve, FYI.

A poster for a book called The Paris of the North, by Christian Lloyd. I didn't design the cover, so I didn't have a massive amount of flexibility, so I just tried to work with the colour scheme I already had. It was published in the Copenhagen Post, which is nice. It's a good read as well, so go and buy it. I recommend reading it on the train on your way home from work, but not on the way there, just read the paper and listen to music on the way there. This is what I do.

If I Was A Bhangra DJ I Would Call Myself Bombay Mix(tape) by Autoflag

This is a new mixtape I made. I actually made it in the hope that I could play it between bands when I put a gig on (which I was meant to be doing) but it fell through for one reason or another (the venue closed down). Anyway, if you've got a spare 80 mins and you want to find out how I mixed Shapes into James Blake (answer: excellently) then push the down arrow on the player and you'll be able to download it for free. It's the best mixtape I've made, I think, and I'm going to make them more often from now on.

As well as these things, I have been doing some serious work on my film. I've completely written the treatment for it to a standard that I'm pretty happy with, which means that after a meeting in the pub with some red pens which will probably end with me doing a final draft, I'll be getting to work on a script fairly soon. I will need many an extra. Volunteers should apply within. Must not be afraid of wearing heavy makeup, including fake blood.