Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bonjour. Guten tag. Konichi-waa. How'do!!

Stop EVERYTHING your doing. Remember EXACTLY where you are and what you're doing RIGHT NOW!! Why? because this is a day that will go down in history. Today, I finally did what Andy Vine told me to do a looooooong time ago!!

Incase your wondering why i left it so long, it's probably because you just wernt ready yet....... but guess what? If you bribe me with food, i'll pretty much tell you anything.

ok, so thats me..... well it was in 2009! Thats alittle dated now ( i just wanted to post it because i like it!) Since i was a wee-nipper i loved to draw! and i loved music! ....shame i started with the recorder.... but i made it to the guitar eventually!! I went to uni in north wales and got myself a BA HONS degree in animation! but better than that i met some awesome folk, who are still burdoned with my friendship! As well as the animation, i'd class myself as an illustrator! Ive been doing it for longer and i enjoy it more! anything from doodles to company logo's!

Thats probably enough dribble from me for now! I'm guna be posting on this blog like a beast from now on, so you'll get to see the rest of my work in good time! And if i havn't put you off, stick with Dead Phezz. We'd be good for you. Like jelly and ice-cream.

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