Sunday, 27 April 2014

Autoflag: Doggerel

That's right, the debut Autoflag album, Doggerel, is very nearly here. We've spent this evening setting up the Bandcamp page and dubbing the tapes after work every night. It'll be a free download and a grand total of 13 cassettes will be available, old tapes that we've found and recorded over with the album. There's a dramatic reading of a couple of chapters of the Bible, the first Spice Girls album, a Smurfs tape, a lot of Christian pop, all sorts. They will cost £3 each and will of course include a free download, which is useful because it turns out some of these cassettes aren't as long as the Autoflag album. Never mind, it's all about the principle of the thing. Here's the cover art and tracklisting:

1. Codex of Eshnunna
2. A College Noted For Knowledge (2014 edit)
3. thirty one ten yeh
4. Superman vs Freddie Mercury
5. Mirabella's Record Breaking Mast
6. /tw0th!rds
7. Glass Dust
8. Snowblind
9. Frankenstein Creates His Monster
10. Frankenstein's Monster Destroys Wigan Pier
11. Hi Fi Low Ebb
12. Police Academy Police Academy

Here's the first cassette (!!!):

We don't have a release date for it yet, it depends on when the cassettes are all done. We're cooking up something special for the artwork for them as well. I wrote an article for Cultured Vultures about the label and the release, which has some little clues of what we've got in mind.

In the meantime, my review of Spiderland by Slint has gone up on Echoes and Dust, and I'm going to be doung some more reviews for Silent Radio soon. Exciting! Also I've rejigged an old poster for From The Kites Of San Quentin who are touring at the moment, check it out:

Yeah, you missed the York date. You're a terrible fan. Apparently the London date needed its own poster.

Nuff stuff. See you later.

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