Saturday, 9 October 2010

Time to Introduce myself


So I've put this off as long as possible so the time as came to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Robertson but if you ever come across any of my art work or films they would be labelled to Zephyrbaby. So I thought I'll so you some of my work but instead of just listing all my work for the last 5 years and competition work, thought I would show some work that got me somewhere in the last couple of years. This either work that has got me work or it has been shown at shows. Little bit of information on myself. By trade I'm a animator /Concept designer. I got my degree in animation and film but I was more in to the design back ground story then the finish product. I use to have the problem spending too much time on the back story and script then leaving enough time to draw up the animation it self, but this wasn't a bad thing. Because of this my design work improved to the point I was designing t-shirts for people in university. This is how I started to pursue as a designer after leaving university. At the moment I work as a designer at a surf company but I also work free lance for companies designing a range of products. This maybe clothing all the way coming up for conception images for up forth coming films or comics. Lets get this show started shall we?

White Western Eagle

The first set of images I have been working on for the last 3 years. The title of this project is called White Western Eagle. Its had many names in the past but this is one that I have settled on. I came up with this idea in the last year of university. It started as a small idea then it rapidly got out of hand. I remember pitching this idea to the animation tutors, film studies tutor and graphic design tutor. The first thing that left the mouth of the graphic design tutor was "I don't get it..." but to be honest I had no idea why she was there? The other tutors were really concerned that I was taking on too much understanding my pitch. Sadly it was not to be they wanted me to do something else. I agreed but kept this going. At first I had planned this to be a computer game. Realising that this is a big task by myself the easiest way to get it out to the public was to make it in to a Indie game... only problem I don't know how to program or make a computer game. With no real money I wasn't able to pay anybody to help me out. So I took on the task of it been a animated film.... so what is it about?

Well I will not be telling the storyline yet. But do keep watch on Dead Pheasant facebook page and on this page as I will be keeping updates. Hopefully I will be showing my 30 second trailer at the next Bradford Film festival. But until then here are some images of paintings and illustrations from my design work

Mother Nature

Mother Nature was the side project that started it all for me in the design world. I started Mother Nature in my spare time. All I set out to do was to design a couple of hoodies and a couple of T-shirts. I got one made up and wore it about and then before I knew it everyone wanted one from me. I went on to design a collection of Snowboards to go with the textiles. In all I designed a collection of 24 t-shirts and 24 hooded sweat shirts. As a side project Mother Nature is one of my success stories. With getting orders from all round the world I'm really happy. In 2009 I took a trip to New York. I decided to get 10 books of the Mother Nature collection in side them. I left them all around the city. Times square, Central park, Kid Robot NY, Forbidden Planet all over. I left my email address on the back if anybody wanted to see more work. As well there was links to my online portfolios. Two months pass by then I get an email. Somebody found one of my books out side the Kid Robot store and wanted to know if I was interested to take part in a textiles show in London? With emailing back and forth I sent four images to be in the show. The show was only on for a week but it was a start. From this one connection I found out about Jotta (use to be named Fifzine) is a website that allows up forth coming artists in any field set up a online portfolio and show off their work. From this website companies post job vacancies and work experience placements. So its really useful to know about.

Zine fairs

I'm new to the zine fair scene. I can't say much as I have only done one. It was held at Preston university. At first I didn't get the idea of a zine. To me it was a copy of some ones sketch book and people would pay money to buy books of sketches. At first I thought this was stupid but after looking at a couple that my friend had made or collected in the past I was on board with it. I set out to get prints of some off my best drawings and digital work. I drew up 100 hand made stickers each one different. On the day though I didn't sell much only 1 print of some digital work and she only liked it because I had drew on the back off it. Its the experience that counts I guess.

Designer Toys

I'm a big collector of designer vinyl toys. A lot of them are from the company Kid Robot, been Munny's, Dunny's Tricky's and Raffy's. But I have get a lot of inspiration from these pieces of art work. I normally find new artists through them. Some big artists I have found through years of collecting is Jeff Soto, Sam Flores, Jeremy Fish, Mode 2, and Ashley Wood. Any work from these artist will give any one inspiration. From collecting these toys it makes you think of different ways to design something. I use to be all about digital work and pen drawings. But last couple of years I have started to paint more with acrylics and inks. Not just on paper too. Canvas, wood tiles are just some things have done work on before.

After looking at the company Kid Robot I have discovered other companies and places to gain information inspiration in my work. I have been featured twice as designer toy custom artist of the month on the website Plastic and Plush. First time was a set of Munny's that I had painted. Second time I had customised one of Flying Fortresses bears from his army. I was mentioned on Vinyl news for the set of Munny's I did as well. Before I move on another company that people should go look in too and buy their magazine is Juxtapoz. This magazine is amazing. It tells you what's happening in the art world.... well the art world that is worth knowing about none of this fine art rubbish. Theres always a good read and a good gander to be looked at in each issue published.

Animation work

Since leaving university I have not done any animating myself. I have designed and came up with ideas for films but not really taken any action on them. Its not a good sign but that's soon changing with White Western Eagle project. The sad truth if not most but all of my class mates have lost all interest in animation all together and all gone in to other professions. As well doing work experience at companies and the advice they use to tell us was to "Give up university" or " don't bother unless you can deal with not having a animation job for the first 5-10 years of pursuing don't bother at all." So any way here is some work that I did in university. None of it is great I warn you now.

So there you have it. I think its time for me to stop rambling on. Keep an watch out on here and the facebook page for updates from me and all the other guys from Dead Pheasant.

Check out my other pages as well. More Work there from the years.

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