Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hey look, another update

I'm back, like I said I'd be back.

First things first, this blog post has a soundtrack. I doubt it'll take you an hour to read it, like, but go with the idea. This is my Tongue & Groove mixtape.

Look, the dog is singing and playing the piano. You can download it if you want, click on the, err, download button.

So Everything Ever was shown at the Spring Open show at the Egg, like I said last time. Here's a picture that James took of me looking awkward next to it. I don't know why it looks like I've got no eyes.

Very self conscious there, being forced to pose on the far side of a table from him. Another thing I mentioned last time was that my painting Venus Fly Traps has been included in the first edition of my friend Sian's zine Pushing Too Many Pencils. It's really great and if you click on those words it'll take you to her Facebook page, which you should like. I don't think I've ever posted it here anyway, so here it is.

It's actually a watercolour, which isn't something I've much experience of. Weeell, it's technically a watercolour. I actually drew the outline part of it in pen on paper like I usually do, then put the drawing beneath another piece of paper and painted over it. I deliberately kept it quite rough and used too much water because I like the saturated effect it gives. Anyway, once that was dry I scanned both in and composited them in Photoshop. So now you know. Here's what the zine looks like sat on my coffee table.

Pretty nice, right? That photo doesn't really do it justice but check out my coffee table eh. My grandad made that, it's my pride and joy. If you want a copy I've still got a few left. Drop me a line. Not on here, I never check the comments on this thing, but you can email me andyandyandy_vine@hotmail.com or tweet me if you're so inclined @DeadPheasant.

This City Is Ours is back with a new venue. They have moved to Wahlbar in Fallowfield, it's only just opened opposite Sainsburys and it's on the 16th of June. Phil told me he liked the flyer I did for the last one, the kaleidoscope cityscape thing (I'll get around to doing a how-to blog post about that at some point coz it's a nice technique and those things are amazing linkbait) so I came up with something similar. Here is the original photo I began with, it's by Kelly Ward and it was taken as part of a college project using a technique called tilt shift. Give it a google, it's well cool.

Well I started with that and made a right old mess of it, glitching it up and adding some words. Turns out they like this as well and want to run with the ruined pictures of the city as a bit of a theme so I'm going to steal more pictures off Kel and she's going to send them some photos to use in the visuals on the night hopefully. Lovely job.

I think that's about it. Some good stuff in the pipeline but I can't tell you about that here just yet for fear of looking like an idiot, so this will do for now.

Be safe x

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