Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New Hips: Love Hz/Split Milk [Baptists & Bootleggers]

Here's something that's happening. New Hips are releasing Love Hz and Split Milk as a double A-side single on the rather good Baptists & Bootleggers label. Now I'll be honest with you, I'd not heard of the band until Baptists & Bootleggers announced it but it turns out they're dead good. If you haven't heard of the label, they released the self-titled Vei EP along with a lovely package of stuff that I would very much like to get my hands on (hint hint) but doesn't seem to be available any more. Sadface.

Anyway yeah, this New Hips thing is really good. Right up my street, it starts out like an electro Dartz and carries on in that widdly, complicated, tangled up guitar lines way that is guaranteed to make me do my Ian Curtis receiving electric shock therapy dance around my bedroom. Come to the release party on Friday if you don't know what that is, they're giving the record away (giving it away!) and Tribal Fighters are playing as well. Speaking of Tribal Fighters, they've got a free EP on their Bandcamp page. So much free stuff. If you get the CD on Friday it's got some remixes with it, if you get the 7" (yes please) it's packaged in a 12” re-seal able polythene record sleeve and includes a 36” x12” poster, an A6 insert and and A3 wrap around sleeve for the record. All the art work is by Zia Chan and is hand screen printed. Ridiculous. Limited though, only 100 7"s and 250 CDs. Fair play I guess.

Hold on, I'm going to play it again. Can't put my finger on who the vocals remind me of. Someone good. This review is crap, sorry. Just come along and get some free shit and have a bit of fun. There's this video thing above that gives you a bit of an idea of what the song's like backwards. Nice video, I like it. Having done my own research too like a pro I've found this video of them playing Love Hz so make your own mind up.

Robert Smith from the Cure, that's who the vocals remind me of. Hows about that then.

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