Friday, 21 September 2012

This City Is Ours end of year stuffs

I feel awful today, I've got gastric flu or something so I've spent the day blowing my nose, drinking tea and trying not to be sick. Gross. Now I feel the most like a person I have all day so I've decided to upload all my design stuff to my Facebook and write this blog post thing. Here we go.

This is a bit mental. This City Is Ours have declared the year over in terms of flyer designing at least. They've done a bit of a combo thing for the last three months so that they can get the student denizens of sunny Fallowfield in the know. Makes perfect sense, but it does mean they're already talking about new years eve. Like I said, mental.

The first two are going to be a double sided flyer, the last one is a poster for the venue. The photos are by Kelly as ever. We actually went around the city taking lots of photos to use for flyers and that, as well as so that I could learn how to use her cameras, but we didn't get them developed in time for freshers week so these pics are (believe it or not) from her phone. Skillz. Anyway, the photos from that day will be posted soon, for now, farewell 2012, you've been wonderful. As far as TCIO flyers are concerned, anyway, this certainly isn't all I'm going to have to show for the year.

While I'm here actually, I've done a drawing for Skyliner, it was for a Streetview competition thing and hopefully there'll be an exhibition to go with it. This is A View From Corporation St.

Kind of. If you went to Corporation St, you wouldn't see that. But I don't think that's important because when I sent it to Hayley she said it was gnarly. Ha.

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